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South America Qualifiers, Qatar 2022
Peru vs Argentina
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On November 17th straight from Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru – it's South America Qualifiers, Qatar 2022: Peru vs Argentina. Argentina is currently second in the table and Peru 8th after round 1 & 2 of the qualifiers. Peru has scored 1 goal more than Argentina but Argentina has 5 more points in the table than Peru..

The last two times both teams played together was in the FIFA World Cup in 2017 and 2016, and both games were a draw. Last time Peru managed to win over Argentina was in 1997 in the Copa America. Who will be victorious this time? Is Peru able to come out on top or will the match end in a draw or win for the national team of Argentina?

Watch Peru vs Argentina right here on FITE to find out!

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