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Rise FC 2
Darwin Douglas Vs Greg Large
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Darwin Douglas Vs Greg Large

CO MAIN EVENT - Bantamweight Title Fight
Craig Maclean Vs Andrew Bard

Josh Mackenzie Vs Bryce Gougeon
Terrence Chan Vs Chad Anheliger
Josh Kwiatkowski Vs Chris Vasil

Grappling Tournament Finals

Joseph Warren Vs Brett Zalapski
Aaron Blanchette vs Greg Nickel
Raphael Ouellet Vs Damon Marlow

Sajit Uppal Vs Daniel Chielewski
Harley King Vs Mani El-Hefnawy
Niko Chan Vs Edon Shabani
Jesse Dhaliwal Vs Alex Dyck
Pano Dreves Vs Nic Ouellet

Poster and Selected Action

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