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Roll in the Cage 10
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On February 9th Roll in the Cage 10 is live on TrillerTV+. In the main event of the evening Diego Pichilingue takes on Tom Shoaff. Who will come out on top?

Check the rest of the fight card below:

175lbs Wade Smittle vs Randy Ray - Brown Belt
205lbs Danny Bull vs Armando Perez - Brown Belt, GI
175lbs Bart Vanpool vs Zac Julian - Purple Belt

220lbs Corey Piercy vs Alex Stevens - Purple Belt
165lbs Palladin Scoggins vs Malcolm Hill Jr - Purple Belt
185lbs Hasnat Raza vs Aaron Kenny - Purple Belt

145lbs Mo Brown vs Jesse Roman - Purple/Blue Belt
170lbs Jacob Harrod vs Tyler Pringer - Blue Belt
240lbs Colton Bridges vs Josh Biser - Blue Belt

135lbs Rudy Del Toro vs Gage Nolan - Blue Belt
145lbs Morgan Hamill vs Virginia Joyner - Blue Belt
220lbs Cris Cruz vs Mason Seth - White Belt

220lbs Russ Brownfield vs Chris Clark - White Belt, Gi
215lbs Max Jones vs Mak Long - White Belt, Gi

145lbs Miles McFadden vs Chandler Storie - White Belt, Gi
150lbs Anna Jones vs Sarah Blevins - White Belt, Gi
140lbs Ethan Siegfried vs Ethan Harrison - White Belt, Gi

140lbs Dameon Jones vs Aiden Stone - White Belt
160lbs Cash Friend vs Hans Mohart - Yellow/Blue Belt

70lbs Cayden Dunn vs Tyrone Mafnas - White Belt
100lbs Jayden Tucker vs Jacobi Elllis - Grey Belt

Tune in, subscribe today and find out right here on TrillerTV!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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