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Roll in the Cage 11
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Watch Roll in the Cage 11 live on TrillerTV+ straight from Jackson Co. Expo Center in Altus, OK. The fight card has well over 20 matches and you can check all of them below:

170lbs Justin Adams vs Ben Annunziato - No Gi, Black belt
185lbs Cody Gallion vs Tanner Arnold - No Gi, Brown Belt (pending)
200lbs Ben Lucas vs Jeffrey Rodriguez - No Gi, White Belt

135lbs Tate Yandell vs Avery Jarvis - No Gi, White Belt
60lbs Rylie Christiansen vs Henly Van Winkle - No Gi, White Belt
65lbs Zayne Boone vs Gavin Gange - No Gi, White Belt

135lbs Kallee Cumbie vs Virginia Joyner - No Gi, Blue Belt
145lbs Hunter Boone vs James Davis - No Gi, Blue Belt
160lbs Chris Hunt vs Kevyn Minor - No Gi, Purple Belt

170lbs Gavin Baughman vs Dustin Bowles - No Gi, Blue Belt
155lbs Tyler Birdsell vs Raul Trevino - No Gi, Blue Belt
180lbs Kyler Smith vs Kayl Bryant - No Gi, Blue/Purple Belt

145lbs Nate Agee vs TBA - No Gi, White Belt
145lbs Gage Powell vs Dawson Baca - No Gi, White Belt
145lbs Kaden Ybarra vs Tommy Urbing - No Gi, White Belt

155lbs Xavier Bermudez vs Aaron Hernandez - No Gi, White Belt
110lbs Shelby Coyle vs Aubree Bolton - No Gi

70lbs Gabe Coyle vs Trigger Boyington - No Gi, White Belt
135lbs Javier Joubert vs Javien Smith - No Gi, Blue Belt
76lbs Hunter Dedmon vs Kinsler Brown - No Gi, Grey Belt

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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