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Shamrock FC 328
Mark Slyter vs Paris Padilla
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Don't miss Shamrock FC 328 live on FITE!

14. Mark Slyter vs Paris Padilla
13. Calen Born vs Craig Fairly
12. Raul Romero vs Mike Kelly (KICK 3min)
11. Nick Folken vs Mike Seymour
10. Colton Hill vs Cesar Guiterrez
9. Lantz Nave vs Kyle Powell
8. Zach Scroggin vs Tristan Overvig
7. Connor Shepherd vs Trey Hoosman (Kick)
6. Cesar Morales vs Andy Rice
5. Tyler Rowe vs Mark James (KICK)
4. Ralph Hernandez vs Dalton Vinsonhaler
3. Jeff Stebbins vs Darrin AKers (KICK)
2. Noah Hellhake vs William Sheffer
1. Malcolm Moore vs Mike Hoff
Fight Card Subject to Change

Poster and Selected Action

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