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Shock N' Awe 28
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight card:
Cameron Hardy 3.1.0. (Gym01) vs Mathieu Morciano 5.4.0. (FKA)
Elliott Hoye 2.0.0. (Gym01/Kenshiro) vs Abdel Lif 3.2.0. (FKA)
Gwyn Barry 1.0.0. (Gym01) vs Calvin Reynolds 3.4.0.
Ollie Southern 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Benoit Poitteven 1.0.0. (FKA)
Seb Gardner 3.0.0. (Mad Hatters) vs Florian Kristof 12.4.0. (Impact MMA)
Alex Maxwell 2.0.0. (Mavericks MMA) vs Thomas Magnitis 2.2.0. (Revolution MA)
Will Drayson © 3.1.0. (Maverick MMA) vs Ashley Kilvington 7.1.0. (Mad Hatters)
Kye Stevens 2.1.0. (Gym01) vs Dan Grant 0.1.0 (Genesis)
Henry Grimble 1.3.0. (Mavericks MMA) vs Phil Heliker 0.1.0. (Evolve, Cornwall)
Sam Green 5.5.0. (Gym01) vs Tommy Clarke 4.1.0. (Mad Hatters)
Charlie Riccard 1.1.1. (Gym 01) vs Nathaniel Baciley 0.0.0. (Revolution Martial Arts)
James McCormack 2.1.0. (Xion Gym) vs Sam Gibson 1.1.0. (Mad Hatters)
Ollie Gibson 1.0.0. (Mad Hatters) vs Jake McCormack 0.0.0. (Xion Gym)
John Watson 1.2.1. (Evolve, Cornwall) vs Henry Searle 0.0.0. (Zhang Dao Lo)
Moe Phillips 0.0.0. (Poole JJ) vs Mateusz Antoniuk 1.0.0. (Revolution MA)
Rob Polkinhorn 0.0.0. (Ippon) vs Sam Knowles 0.0.0. (Lion's Den)
Kacper Zdunczyk 0.2.0. (Lion's Den) vs Michael Wareing 0.0.0. (Genesis)
Katherine Atkinson 0.0.0. (Genesis MMA) vs Danika Rudman 1.0.0. (Impact MMA)
Odin Tunningley 0.0.0. (Vectis MMA) vs Oliver Brunton 0.0.0. (Mavericks MMA)
Anthony Jayakody 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs Kacper Wrobel 2.1.0. (Gym Extreme)
Ash Mingham 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Taniform A Tala 0.0.0. (Ippon)
Rebeka Croatian 0.0.0. (House of Pain) vs Kayleigh Walker 0.0.0. (NGMA)
Lewis Heath 3.3.0. (Ippon) vs Kris Fishburn 3.1.0. (Independent)
Zoe Farmer 0.0.0. (Ippon) vs Sai Aletaha 1.0.0. (Impact MMA)

Poster and Selected Action

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