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Shock N Awe 30
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight card:

155lbs Title Main Event
Phil Else 6-2-0 vs Chris Freeborn 10-17-0

125lbs Ttile Co-Main Event
Elliott Hoye 6-1-0 vs Shamsul Haque 8-9-0

25lbs Pro MMA
Mike D'Aguiar 1-2-0 vs Joe Laurence 5-10-0

170lbs Pro MMA
Kye Stevens 0-0-0 vs Eloge Bofale Imbula 3-0-0

145lbs Pro MMA
Alex Bodnar 2-0-0 vs Aurelien Raymond 2-0-0

155lbs Pro MMA
Noredine Nedjai 0-0-0 vs Darren Bushby 0-0-0

125lbs Pro MMA
Ollie Southern 0-1-0 vs Aaron Lalaye 2-3-0

155lbs Amateur MMA title
Dale Hoare 5-0-0 vs Henry Gimble 2-4-0

145lbs Amateur MMA Title
Riccardo Catindig-Stagg 2-0-0 vs Jake McEvoy 4-2-0

135lbs Amateur MMA title
Ollie Gibson 3-1-0 vs Will Drayson 4-2-0

125lbs Amateur MMA title
Billy Clarke 5-1-1 vs Kayne Isaac 4-0-0

145lbs Amateur MMA
James Kedra 3-1-0 vs John McFadyen 4-3-0

125lbs Amateur MMA
Charlie Riccard 3-2-1 vs Tommy Clarke 4-2-0

155lbs Amateur MMA
Tyler Banks 2-0-0 vs Mateusz Daszewski 1-2-0

135lbs Amateur MMA
Tarrou Lake 3-0-0 vs Sam Gibson 3-2-0

52kg Amateur MMA
Carly Hall 0-0-0 vs Suzanne Wilson 2-0-0

90kg Amateur MMA
Garion Wright 0-0-0 vs Lewis Williams 0-0-0

135lbs Amateur MMA
Sabir Hassain 1-0-0 vs Connor Monahan 0-1-0

125lbs Amateur MMA
Katherine Atkinson 0-1-0 vs Moti Takwaingi 0-0-0

74kg Amateur MMA
Jack Barton 1-2-0 vs Samuel Draper 0-0-0

125lbs Amateur MMA
Josh Bishop 0-0-0 vs Nathan Alleyne 0-1-0

59kg (Catchweight) Amateur MMA
Owen Kew 2-3-0 vs Brad Ferguson 0-2-0

150lbs (Catchweight) Amateur MMA
Jamie Lamb 0-0-0 vs Tyron Finlay 0-0-0

75kg (Catchweight) Amateur MMA
Leon Stadden 0-1-0 vs TBC

125lbs Amateur MMA
Adam Wilson 0-0-0 vs Adam Game 0-0-0

155lbs Amateur MMA
Eugene McIntyre 0-0-0 vs Cameron Hale 0-0-0

66kg Amateur K1
Ryan Mathias 6-1-0 vs Baz Abdulah 3-2-0

50kg Amateur K1
Zoe Bowes 1-1-0 vs Isabel Vargas 1-0-0

54kg Amateur K1
Danika Rudman 0-1-0 vs Louise Kirby 2-2-0

84kg Amateur K1
Sam Watts 2-0-0 vs Mark Todd 0-0-0

Poster and Selected Action

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