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Stand Up Warriors 22
Bryce Jackson vs JR Hines
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
  • Duration
  • Genres
  • Channel
    Stand Up Warriors 
  • Venue
    Classic City Center, Waterloo, IN, United States
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Pro Title Bouts:
Bryce Jackson vs JR Hines 165lbs
Desmond Johnson vs Tyger Banks 135lbs

Top Contender Bouts:
Blaine Archambeau vs Jamar Watkins 155lbs

Ammy Feature Bouts:
Andre Smalls vs Tyler Ford 150lbs
Nathan Carnahan vs Mike Monroe 250lbs
Jason Roland vs Jordan Crider 180lbs
Devon Scott vs Ronnie Burton 125lbs
Stephanie Dotson vs Angie Downey 125lbs
Matt Sova vs Zakariya Camara 145lbs
Sabastian Finch vs Justice Shannon 125lbs
Zach Wright vs Nicolas Noe 155lbs
Luke Tietjen vs Tyler Monroe 145lbs
Joe Bobe vs Paul Adams 185lbs
Will Freeman vs Tyler House 155lbs
Amanda LaBo vs Claire Stranger 125lbs
Otto Jarvis vs Derrick Coleman 165lbs
Kris Almonte vs Ryan Jennings 205lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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