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Stand Up Warriors 23
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Channel
    Stand Up Warriors 
  • Venue
    Classic City Center, Waterloo, IN, United States
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card

Main Event:
Cam Gullian vs Altin Alvarez - 165 lbs Title
Tyren Ford vs Tony Donovic - 155 lbs Tile
Ronnie Burton vs Bryan Gonzalez - 125lbs Title
Michelle McDonald vs Amanda Ganzel - 135 lbs

Jon Crocello vs Jahlill Barnes 135 Top Contendor

Ammy Bouts
John Phan vs Jakeith Costan - 125lbs
Ryan Rays vs Hector Orellana - HW
Jason Roland vs Jordan Crider - 175 lbs
Martius Mitchell vs Dusty Spencer - 155 lbs
Stone Lanstra vs Cody Bobe - HW
Nathan Hedger vs Paul Schneider - 150 lbs
Devon Reed vs Hunter Liberry - 164 lbs
Jaylen Carter vs Tyler Hampton - 155 lbs
Seth Dunn vs Joe Bobe - 185 lbs
Ben Philips vs Tyler Jordan 175lbs
Luke Tietjen vs Lee Jackson 145lbs
Drew Comiac vs Robert Ganzel - 175 lbs
Ben Burlew vs David Elliot - 155 lbs
Sky Goodin vs Damon Bell - 180 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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