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Supreme CFC 14
Mo Kargbo vs Jacek Rolinski
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
  • Duration
  • Genres
    Boxing, MMA
  • Channel
    Supreme CFC 
  • Venue
    Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays

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Supreme CFC brings you fast paced, hard hitting action in the form of MMA, K1 and Hybrid Boxing. The very best in combat sports coming out of the UK!

Main Card
27 Andy Manzolo VS David 'One More' Round Pro MMA TITLE
26 Louis Pow VS Alexandru Ghineseu Pro MMA
25 Mickey Millar VS Hascen Neri Gelezi Pro MMA TITLE
24 Bernie Gomm VS Andy Nunn Pro MMA
23 Justin 'Gorilla' Moore VS Jack Scott Pro MMA
22 Mo Kargbo VS Jacek Rolinski Hybrid Boxing TITLE
21 Luke O'Neill VS Nikita Bagley Pro MMA
20 Steve Dominey VS Nelson Lima Pro MMA
19 Harry Hill VS Dragos Nicolae-Valentin Pro K1
18 Jordan Miller VS Gary Ellison Pro MMA

17 Dave Morris VS Nick Insull Charity Fight
16 Luke Piper VS Lloyd Ayers Boxing
15 Finnley Nagel VS Sam Stewart Ama K1
14 Harry Evans VS Will Moore Ama K1
13 Dan Rowe VS Kevin DoLvik Ama K1
12 Ricardo Da Rocha VS Dominik Blatnicky Ama K1
11 Luka Causevic VS Ole Hetleflàt Ama MMA
10 Rebeka Croatian VS Chrissi Yates Pro K1
9 Bahez Abdullah VS Jakub Konrad Wawryca Ama K1
8 Ryan Hamdy VS Ush Campbell Ama K1
7 Igor Maliy VS Dominik 'Ice Man' Baniowski Ama MMA
6 Jonny Mayo VS Garaee Meadow Pro K1
5 Michael McLeod VS Marc San Clemente Ama MMA
4 Lee Perry VS RJ Reilly Boxing
3 Dan Carr VS Irakli Kancheli Ama K1
2 Isabel Vargas VS Bethany Trueman Boxing
1 Juno Margaglione VS Louis Hubbard Ama K1

Poster and Selected Action

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