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Live 2 Fight
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card:

Main Event:
10. Maxim Spodarenko vs Ramal Aslanov - 73 kg, Kickboxing.

Co-Main Event:
9. Rafal Dudek vs Zhora Akopyan - 73 kg, Kickboxing

8. Pavel Shelest vs Evgeniy Myagkov - 80 kg, Kickboxing
7. Kamila Balanda vs Alexandra Sitnikova - 65 kg, Kickboxing
6. Shipilov Yan vs Litvin Vadim - 100+ kg, MGC PRIDE.
5. Ahmed Mohammad Jabbar vs Mikhail Dolgolevec - 108 kg MMA
4. Mikhail Dolgolevec vs Vladyslav Tantsiura - 76.2, Pro Boxing
3. Krivulec Dmitry vs Zablockiy Oleg - 100+ kg, MGC PRIDE
2. Evgeniy Dolgolevec vs Mikhailo Sovtus - 63.5 kg. Pro Boxing
1. Vasili Astapets vs Evgeniy Manko - 68 kg, MMA

* Fight card subject to change
**Special host of the evening is the first UFC Champion from Russia Oleg Taktarov

Poster and Selected Action

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