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Warriors Cup XXXVIII
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight card:
Eslam Ahmed vs. Ricky Mora
George Pitsakis vs Rob Gonzales
Annika Kahl vs Gemma Fleming
Julian Ansah vs Corey Kearney
Leo Castro vs Houston Arriaga
Abel Cardenas vs Kenny Galante
Julia Hopkins vs Kat Papaioannou
Elliot Ortiz vs Joel Licata
Shawn Gorman vs Dionys Dume
Rossana Corrado vs Jessie Lee
Jeremy Sanchez vs Phil Verna
Nick Vaughan vs Ruslan Karagov
Chad Small vs Les Paul Newton
Claire Morton vs Sarah Carlswell
Steven Lobiondo vs Richard Vasquez
Jennifer O'Leary vs Julie Cohen
Trusha Patel vs Alma Vicencio
Abby Walworth vs Molly McLane
Jordan Petruzziello vs Jun Lee

Poster and Selected Action

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