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Wrestle Strong Dojo, Episode 5
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Wrestle Strong Dojo, Episode 5 - Who let the dog out?

Match 1:
Jengis Kong vs Nate Carlo

Match 2:
Shane Saw vs Jengis Kong

Match 3:
Shaz Namaste vs Guijarro Piranha

Match 4:
Ryukyu Dog Dingo & Dean Draven vs El Mas Terrible'& Banjo Powers

Featuring: Ryukyu Dog Dingo, Dean Draven, El Mas Terrible', Banjo Powers, Jengis Kong, Nate Carlo, Shane Saw, Guijarro Piranha, Jace Chalmers, Alex Irvine, Jake Gibson, Shaz Namaste, Merci De'vine, Fabian, D.B. Robertson Elliot Ranson, Amy Action.

Poster and Selected Action

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