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Wrestling authors united to create the first ever virtual wrestling-themed convention for fans during the pandemic. Every 30 minutes, a new wrestling superstar or author/historian takes over a huge Facebook Live broadcast to participate in an interactive Q&A. Names include DDP, Sid Vicious, Sabu, Hurricane Helms, Swoggle,
Dutch Mantell and more...

9 - Keith Elliot Greenberg (Author of Ric Flair & Freddie Blassie books, plus upcoming
Too Sweet: Inside the Indie Wrestling Revolution)
9:30 am - Jason Presley (Author of Great Wrestling Venues)
10 am - Wes Maidment (Author of upcoming Bearpaws & Bodyslams: Life Wildman Dave McKigney; Candian wrestler/promoter known for having wrestlers work with actual bears)
10:30 am - Dan Murphy (PWI Senior Editor known for PWI 500, author of various wrestling books)
11:00 am - Scott Teal (Author of countless wrestling books, founder of Crowbar Press)
11:30 am - Richard Vicek (Dick the Bruiser's biographer)
12:00 pm - Mark James (Memphis Wrestling historian)
12:30 - Brennon Martin (Author of "Teeny" Christine Jarrett's biography)
1:00 pm - Bertrand Hebert (Author of the new Andre the Giant biography, co-author of Pat Patterson's Autobiography)
1:30 pm - LIVE FROM UK - Jimmy Wheeler (Wrestling historian)
2:00 pm - Greg Oliver (Canadian sports writer & author, SLAM!)
2:30 pm - Nikita Breznikov (Former manager of Nikolai Volkoff, Co-author of When it was Real)
3:00 pm – Tracey Smothers (Wrestler)
3:30 - Nathan Hatton (Author of Thrashing Seasons)
4:00 pm - Swoggle w/ Ian Douglass (Co-author of Buggsy McGraw's: Brute Power, Dan Severn's Realest Man in the Room, Swoggle Autobiography Life is Short and So am I)
4:30 pm – DDP (Former WCW Heavyweight Champion, Wrestler, Creator of DDP Yoga, & Author of Autobiography)
5:30 pm - Al Isaacs (Comedian, Founder of Scoops Wrestling)
6:00 pm - Michael Holmes (ECW Press Senior Editor)
6:30 pm - Kenny Bolin (Wrestling manager & autobiographer of "I Probably Screwed you Too")
7:00 pm - Danny Davis (Wrestler & bad guy referee)
7:30 pm - Pat Laprade (Author of Maddog, Midgets & Screw Jobs)
8:00 pm - Evan Ginzberg (Author, Associate Producer; The Wrestler & 350 Days)
8:30 pm- GLOWs California Girl Sunny w/ autobiographer Scott Stevens
9:00 pm - Kenny Casanova (Co-author of Kamala, Dangerous Danny Davis, Tito Santana,
Brutus Beefcake, Vader, & Sabu autobiographies)
9:30 pm - Tom Hankins (Author of The Mat, the Mob, & the Music)
10:00 pm - Bill Apter (Famous magazine & media man, wrestling interviewer, and comb-
over personality)
10:30 pm - Jake Shannon (Author of Billy Robinson biography, Catch trainer)
11:00 pm - MASKED REPUBLIC - Lil Cholo (Lucha Underground) & Kevin Kleinrock (Lucha
enthusiast & merch monger)
11:30 pm - John Cosper (Author of Blugrass Bawlers, Co-Author of David Schultz & Tracy Smothers autobiographies)
11:59 pm - Mad Man Pondo (Wrestler)

Poster and Selected Action

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