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Wrestling Bookmarks
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Wrestling authors united to create the first ever virtual wrestling-themed convention for
fans during the pandemic. Every 30 minutes, a new wrestling superstar or
author/historian takes over a huge Facebook Live broadcast to participate in an
interactive Q&A. Names include DDP, Sid Vicious, Sabu, Hurricane Helms, Swoggle,
Dutch Mantell and more…

9:00 am - LIVE FROM AUSTRIA - Gernot Freiberger (CWA & Austrian wrestling historian)
9:30 am - Duke "The Dumpster" Droese (Wrestler)
10:00 am - LIVE FROM IRELAND - Paul O'Brien (Jim Ross' Autobiographer)
10:30 am - Men on A Mission's OSCAR (Wrestling manager)
11:00 am - Cowboy Scott Casey & author Nick Masci (Scott Casey: One Last Ride)
11:30 am - Pete Bregman (Bledtime Stories – Wrestling Coloring Books, Wrestle Emoji)
12:00 am - Mark Fleming (Author of It's Wrestling, Not Rasslin')
12:30 am - GLACIER with a Major Media Announcement! (Wrestler)
1:00 pm - LIVE FROM FINLAND - Michael Majalahti (Crowbar Press Author)
1:30 pm - Michael Kingston (Creator of Headlocked Comics; comic books created by wrestlers!)
2:00 pm - Hurricane Helms (Wrestler & Superhero at large)
2:30 pm - RD Reynolds (Author of WrestleCrap & The Death of WCW)
3:00 pm - John Crowther (Writer/ Co-founder Squared Circle Comics)
3:30 pm – Leapin' Lanny Poffo aka The Genius (Wrestler)
4:00 pm - LIVE FROM NASTYVILLE - "Nasty Boy" Knobs (Wrestler)
4:30 pm – ECW PANEL: Sabu, Justin Credible & Joel Gertner
5:00 pm – Mystery Guest
5:30 pm - Mister Hughes (Wrestler)
6:00 pm – Gangrel (Wrestler)
6:30 pm – Shockmaster aka Typhoon aka Tugboat (Wrestler)
7:00 pm - Koko B Ware (Wrestler)
8:00 pm - Dutch Mantell (Wrestler, manager, author of two books on his life)
8:30 pm - Sid Vicious (Ruler of the world... Former WWF & WCW Heavyweight Champion ~ Legendary wrestler who promises not to no-show)
9:00 pm - ODB & ¿Mystery Guest?

Poster and Selected Action

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