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WTKF Grand Prix
Ustinov Team vs Romankevich Team
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Fight Card:

Sergey Shmargun vs Danila Kvach - K1, 3x3 - Lightweight
Shamil Dzhamkhatov vs Maksim Drobnitsa - MMA, 3x3 - Weltwerweight
Pavel Mitko vs Kirill Kuts - K1, 3x3 - Middleweight
Danila Ermolenko vs Aleksandr Kazachenko - K1, 3x3 - Featherweight
Vadim Litvin vs Sergey Chmel - MMA, 3x3 - Light Heavyweight

Head coaches - Russian Heavyweight boxer Alexander Ustinov + K1 WTKF Heavyweight
Champion, Petr Romankevich.

Poster and Selected Action

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