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XFN 391
Ryan Hoover vs Nick Fields
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On December 8th XFN 391is live on FITE and brings an action-packed edition featuring the rising stars of MMA and Kickboxing hosted by legendary UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir!

Headlining the card will be the newly crowned MMA featherweight champion Ryan Hoover, and rising female kickboxing sensation Kirsten Roberts!

Check the full fight card below:

MMA Featherweight Championship
Ryan Hoover vs Nick Fields

Kickboxing Welterweiht Championship
Devin White vs Zachariak Taylor

Nick Fields vs Alejandro Gomez – MMA
Cody Randall vs Bryan Ramirez – MMA

Kristen Roberts vs Erica Rodriguez – Kickboxing
Michael Boone vs Tun Oo – MMA

Cody Mcloud vs William Florence – MMA
James Davis vs Damion Combs – Kickboxing
Chasen Umholtz vs Shade Mcpeake - MMA

Don't miss this epic night of knockouts live right here on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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