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Dave Bautista Returns to WWE or Roman Reigns Return The RCWR Show 3-1-2019


Dave Bautista AKA Batista returns to WWE! Roman Reigns return to reveal he's in remission & more on this week's The RCWR Show!

-Overall takeaway of this year's 91st Academy Award #OscarsSoBlack winners

-Special congrats to Mahershala Ali and the great season of True Detective as it comes to an end

-Should GREEN BOOK have won award for BEST PICTURE? 30 WITH LEE teaser!

-How should NFL deal with Robert Kraft if found guilty of soliciting prostitution?

-Tammy Sytch AKA Sunny in trouble with the law...YET AGAIN

-Why Lee feels Tammy Sytch reminds him of the late Gail Russell

-WWE RAW key thoughts on Roman Reigns return to announce he's in remission

-Lee weights in on the conspiracy theories fans have of WWE and Roman Reigns faking his leukemia to better advance him

-How long should fans give Roman Reigns a grace period before being critical of his work?

-Dave Bautista makes his shocking WWE return during Ric Flair's 70th Birthday celebration. Thoughts and expectations this go-round.

-Lee gives special shout out to the PUtz who said it wasn't even Ric Flair's birthday on Monday. Dummy! Yeah! It actually was on Monday!

-Lee has a bone to pick with this week's Becky Lynch vs security and cops angle as the female Stone Cold Push continues to fumble

-Ronda Rousey dropping the title in storyline? Smart move or dumb move?

-RAW saw the return of Bruce Prichard in creative as Arn Anderson and others were waived goodbye recap

-Key points on this week's Smackdown as Kofi Kingston is pulled from FASTLANE main event for a Kevin Owens return!

-Upset that Kofi is out at Fastlane? Lee shares a theory and also wants you to show love to Jay Lethal

-Honky Tonk Man FINALLY going into the WWE Hall of Fame but wait--remember that infamous YOUSHOOT where he called it BULL-H*T? Relive the audio

-Thoughts and advice on Hulk Hogan bio-pic starring THOR's Chris Hemmsworth

-Lucha Underground season five? Doesn't seem like it perhaps...


Selected Screenshots