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The RCWR Show: Episode 621 The Day Roman Reigns Shocked the World!


-Lee briefly shares his experience visiting PA for much needed R&R

-Talking Stephen King movies, did you know a sequel to THE SHINNING movie starring Jack Nicholson is in development?

-Eli Manning and the NY Giants fall 1-6. Is it time to finally say goodbye to Eli?

-Was the suspension of Rondo, CP3, and Ingram just right after Lakers vs Rockets brawl from the weekend? Lee weights in.

-Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys end in controversy...Or does it? L.P. Ladouceur of the Cowboys doesn't think so...

-Lee reveals the winners for the WWE Supercard QR Code contest!

-Roman Reigns reveals his Leukemia has returned as he drops Universal Title to spend time with family and fight the disease. Roman Reigns Leukemia news update and reaction.

-The Night Roman Reigns finally won the world over but it came at a price. How WWE can and should build off of this going forward.

-A monumental RAW that sees its biggest star bow out also sees the rise of strong faces and heels....

-Can Dean Ambrose truly capitalize on this mega heel turn?

-So is Crown Jewel happening in Saudi Arabia or not? Latest PR and tickets still not released for sale suggest maybe not...

-John Cena out of WWE Crown Jewel? That's the news going around but Lee has a challenge for those reporting this news.

-Remember Lee saying there would be legal and financial ramifications if WWE backs out of deal with Saudi Arabia? Now financial experts have weighted in and did some number crunching.

-WWE Evolution Card for Sunday discussion AND picks

-The Walking Dead has begun the trilogy of Rick Grimes final episodes. Lee offers predictions on what's to come and how Rick may die.


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