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Sonny Onoo Interview on DDT Tokyo Joshi


On July 22nd Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling: Brandnew Wrestling 4 and right after it on July 23rd DDT Pro Wrestling: Summer Vacation 2020. Tune in and listen to what Sony Onoo had to say about it!

Matt Striker: So let's start - 10:30 Eastern time. July 22nd. We begin with our first big event. It's Tokyo Joshi. Talk to us a little bit about how this is different than what American viewers аre used to watch.

Sonny Onoo: Tokyo Joshi is a part of a DDT its kinda like a brother company. They were founded in 1977 and they thought the women wrestling was a win-win in Japan. Japan Joshi was really huge 25 years ago. Manami Toyota, Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto were great that some of the American fans know. And they're known those girls or ladies were known as so stiff, so over the top, the stuff they were doing and as well as there were such amazing athletes. Right now there's a kind of resurgence of new women wrestling. Companies like Stardom, Tokyo Joshi. Stardom is all women group, it's owned by a parent company of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the matter of fact last year at the Tokyo Dome show, they were highlighted with a couple of matches from that group. What we get to introduce the Tokyo Joshi is that you get to see the amazing talent of these young ladies. And they will have some, Westerners or Americans and English on the matches as well as we move forward and you'll see it.

Matt Striker: The athleticism here cannot be overlooked, whether it be male, female. The athleticism, the pure beauty of the body in motion is something that is also visually captivating. Is that an intent, or is that just a buy product?

Sonny Onoo: No, I think it's both really. The training in Japan what a lot of Americans try to go over there and train their system because it's so intense. I mean, the dojo system over there comes from a sumo background. So it's very strict. They're confined to their quarters. They train 10 hours a day. The competition is so fierce that the order for you to, you know, to be looked at, you really need to stand out and that's why they're trained so hard. And because the world is so much smaller now with the Internet they have seen what goes on WWE or back on WCW or what's happening on Luchas or AEW. There is a rumour right now that DDT is in a toss with AEW on working on an event. Kenny Omega made his name in DDT.

Matt Striker: And this brings me to my next point. From the new viewer, from the person who's just turning this on and all they are familiar with the biggest companies. How this would be different to them? And why are they gonna love it?

Sonny Onoo: Well, Tokyo Joshi - you're going to see some of the phenomenal wrestling. I've been watching the programming, and what I'm finding out is that you know how the Japanese will take something that is American and make it into their own. Many of the characters got a really close resemblance to the anime character that you see in manga and cosplay. Looks like watching a cosplay character wrestle. That's what kinda feeling you get we call this Otaku. You get Otaku when you watch Tokyo Joshi.

Matt Striker: What I enjoyed so much was the technique. So now you take the technique and you add in a color. I'm certainly sold. Once again 10:30 ET, July 22nd Tokyo Joshi and then 5:30 a.m. July 23rd DDT comes our way. Take a minute or two and talk to us about that.
Sonny Onoo: What's interesting about DDT is you get to see legitimate hardcore wrestling, but they give you the whole gambit. Another word. They do some comedy routines, so It's really a more of entertainment. You'll see some of the outlandish stuff like tough men because they cross off with many promotions. You have, Akiyama, for instance, from All Japan will come in and work with people from DDT or challenge for DDT championship belt. I believe he's on a card on this paper view. Now this will be a first ever, introduction to the audience on FITE. But if you fall along, I guarantee you'll love this product.

Matt Striker: Sonny, where can people find you on social media?

Sonny Onoo: Oh, you can find me on Facebook: Sonny Onno.

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