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Go Shiozaki Interview on N-1 Victory 2020: Noah


On September 22nd N-1 Victory 2020: Noah is Live on FITE!
To talk about the Event Nick Aldis is here with the one and only Go Shiozaki. Tune in and listen to what he had to say about the event and much more!

Nick Aldis: All wrestling friends. It's the national treasure in the real world Champion Nick Aldis is here as a special correspondent for FITE, and today I'm very, very pleased to be joined one champion to another by the current reigning and defending GHC Heavyweight Champion of the world, One of the most decorated names in the history of Pro Wrestling Noah, ahead of Pro Wrestling, knows as N-1 Victory League coming up exclusively on FITE - Go Shiozaki!

Nick Aldis: N-1 Victory Tournament. Some of you guys may know this better as the Global League, which was died in 2010. Considered one of the most prestigious events in the NOAH calendar. The winner of the Round Robin tournament typically goes on to receive a world title shot. Unless, of course, they are already the world champion. Go Shiozaki, the current GHC Heavyweight Champion, is in Block A and there are some big names in this tournament, so we'll get right into it.

Nick Aldis: You are one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of the promotion. But you've never won the N-1 Victory League. If you consider this the most prestigious event in the calendar, does winning this cement your legacy is an old time great in the promotion?

Go Shiozaki: It doesn't mean just stepping up but as GHC Heavyweight Champion, I have a proud and the only thing I can think of is being a winner off this N-1 Victory 2020.

Nick Aldis: So several former World Champions are competing in the tournament this year, but some sites are saying that that Block B is the tougher block. Do you think that you got a fortunate drawing being in block A?

Go Shiozaki: I have nothing but confidence to win the Block and continued to to to win the N-1 Victor 2020

Nick Aldis: You've learned from some of the old time greats Kendo Kobayashi, Mr. Mitsuharu Misawa, I wonder if you could tell us about some of the young and upcoming wrestlers that you have been mentoring?

Go Shiozaki: I was inspired by Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Misawa. And now I'm trying to do what I learned from them. Right now there's no young talent who I'm mentoring, but hoping to have someone in the future to be inspired by me.

Nick Aldis: I want to talk about Kaito Kiyomiya. He is very young, he's former GHC Heavyweight Champion and you guys have been Tag Team Champions together. The fact that he knows you so well and you guys have tagged together. Do you see him as one of the big threats in the tournament?

Go Shiozaki: He was a former champion, and I'm the current champion and I've got the title from Kiyomiya. He had at the confidence and he was strong, but he lost the title, but still, he is understanding what he's doing and he is getting better and better. So obviously it's gonna be a threat. And if there's another chance to have a championship match with him, um, it will probably be ever harsher to keep the title because Kiyomiya is not the one he used to be. Now he's getting much better and still getting better and much better.

Nick Aldis: There are big names in the tournament. Naomichi Marufuji Obviously yourself, Katsuhiko Nakajima. I'm assuming that you believe that you yourself will make it to the finals. Who would you predict is most likely to be standing across the ring from you in the finals?

Go Shiozaki: So maybe I should say Kenoh to have him as my opponent on the final.

Nick Aldis: For people who are unfamiliar, what makes Pro Wrestling Noah unique to the others Wrestling Promotions?

Go Shiozaki: It's all the wrestling techniques, skills and toughness and the beliefs and trust between promotion and bands. And now everybody's making their own decisions and go here and there, sometimes betraying people. NOAH is getting more interesting also. So I really like it. I guess we can guarantee you good techniques, toughness and trusting.

Nick Aldis: Finally, for the fans who are considering buying this Pay Per View on FITE. Fans who are perhaps in other parts of the world who are on the fence. What message do you have for them to encourage them to purchase this Pay Per View and watch the N-1 Victory League?

Go Shiozaki: Right now the whole world is in chaos due to Covid-19 and it's not just Japan, but the whole world is dealing with this virus. And you know people are struggling and having a hard time. But now it's time for people to watch the Pro Wrestling Noah. We're gonna try to encourage people and I'm sure anybody in the whole world can enjoy our wrestling. Know what? So let's go through this part altogether!

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