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2018 Super Channel Championships Session 3, Ring 1
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


*With the purchase of this event you automatically get access to the Ring 2 event in Session 3.

1 22 Light (60kg) RED VELASQUEZ Rodolfo (1) NT vs BLUE RYAN Stephen ON
2 23 Light (60kg) RED SAVOIE Kaemy QC vs BLUE PAQUET William QC
3 24 Light (60kg) RED MOHAMED Feysal AB vs BLUE BAHDI Lucas ON
4 25 Light (60kg) RED HAMIR Qadir Abdul BC vs BLUE SANTANA Luis (2) NT
5 26 Light Welter (64kg) RED SANFORD Wyatt (1) NT vs BLUE HALFORD Adrian ON
6 27 Light Welter (64kg) RED LEAMAN Brandon NL vs BLUE PETANQUI Junior QC
7 28 Light Welter (64kg) RED ELLIOT Karlito ON vs BLUE SARCHUK Tanner AB
8 29 Light Welter (64kg) RED ROYES Nathan BC vs BLUE OMAR Hassan QC
9 30 Middle (75kg) RED BROOKES Triston (1) NT vs BLUE DENIS Nickenson QC
10 31 Middle (75kg) RED DAOUST Jake ON vs BLUE ANDERSON Brent AB
11 32 Middle (75kg) RED MARTIN Dylan MB vs BLUE RIGGS Paul MB
12 33 Middle (75kg) RED RUFF Matt AB vs BLUE NAPOLITANO Antonio ON
13 34 Bantam (54kg) RED GUILLEMETTE Melissa QC vs BLUE GALLE Amanda ON
14 35 Bantam (54kg) RED LILLIES Bobby-Jo AB vs BLUE BROWN Bryanne NB
15 36 Bantam (54kg) RED TRENHOLME Caitlin ON B vs LUE TANSLEY Mikenna AB
16 37 Light (60kg) RED SWANSON Madison AB vs BLUE FIOLEK Irene QC

Poster and Selected Action

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