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2018 Super Channel Championships Session 2, Ring 1
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


*With the purchase of this event you automatically get access to the Ring 2 event in Session 2.

1 11 Bantam (56kg) RED GRIMARD Kevin QC vs BLUE MOHAMED Abbdi AB
2 12 Bantam (56kg) RED HEMMINGS Jack ON vs BLUE HOWICK Dustin ON
3 13 Light Heavy (81kg) RED CAUTLEY-DAVIS Bradley AB vs BLUE SAUVEUR David QC
4 14 Light Heavy (81kg) RED BOLUN Petru AB vs BLUE UDE Marvin ON
5 15 Light Heavy (81kg) RED VANCHULIAK Valentin SK vs BLUE FARUK Sabri BC
6 16 Light Heavy (81kg) RED MATHIEU Lexson QC vs BLUE BIANCO John-Michael ON
7 17 Light-Welter (64kg) RED DELISLE Brenda QC vs BLUE LYSENKO Krishan BC
8 18 Welter (69kg) RED HANSEN Tina NB vs BLUE REDMOND Carolyn ON
9 19 Welter (69kg) RED ABBOTT Nikkita ON vs BLUE da SILVA Myriam QC
10 20 Welter (69kg) RED FORTIN Laura-Lou QC vs BLUE DEMSEY Amelia AB
11 21 Welter (69kg) RED INGRAM Hannah MB vs BLUE GROOME Amber AB

Poster and Selected Action

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