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2018 Super Channel Championships Session 5, Ring 2
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


*With the purchase of this event you automatically get access to the Ring 1 event in Session 5.

1 67 Light-Fly (J48kg) RED SINGH Fateh ON vs Karan BLUE MOLAISON Tyler QC
2 68 Light Middle (J70kg) RED MARTINEZ Elias BC vs BLUE LACROIX Janick AB
3 69 Light Middle (J70kg) RED GORDON Thomas SK vs BLUE GRASS Tanner ON
4 70 Bantam (56kg) RED CARON Ludrick QC vs 
5 71 Bantam (56kg) RED SCHROEDER Dylan AB vs BLUE KLASSEN Ty AB
6 72 Light-Welter (64kg) RED GRENIER Alexis QC vs BLUE POMERLEAU Dereck QC
7 73 Light-Welter (64kg) RED CALLAHAN Nicholas NL vs BLUE RYAN Gerard ON
8 74 Light-Welter (64kg) RED HUARD Brett ON vs BLUE CLARK Dylan BC
9 75 Light-Welter (64kg) RED BARBOSA Dominic BC vs BLUE BELL Nathan MB
10 76 Super Heavy (+91kg) RED SIWAK Ricardo ON vs BLUE CHUOL Tethuach AB
11 77 Super Heavy (+91kg) RED POMEROY Lincoln BC vs BLUE ROSS Josh NS

Poster and Selected Action

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