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A1 World Grand Prix Algerie
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


K1 rules 3x3 the fight card:

Yohan Liidon Bucheron YL vs Karim Benmansour
Mohamed Salah Houmer vs Mohamed SOUANE
Vedat Hödük vs Alka Scarla matewa
Giovanni Gross vs Aissaoui Nourddine
Abax Diagouraga vs Ghilas Barache
James Benal vs Khalef Ghezal
Mathieu Kongolo José Domingos vs Kahin Chelli
Wall Ace vs Yuba Mamoud Amri
Sayf Mass Hamaïli vs Khalifa Yahia
Fares Saou vs Hamdan Mohamed

Poster and Selected Action

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