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BCW Open Fite Night Vol. 3
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Right out the gate Hot Action as the man who has continually called out the Franchise Player Badd Blood non other than Brody Adams who will face off against Apollo's last gift the Brandt Dynasty's Phoenix Kidd .

Than DTF's High Flying Justex Citing will take to the Sky for a Win against the Brandt Dynasty's Adan Reyes or will Adan Reyes ground Justex High Flying tactics.

The Pacific Northwest Television Championship is on the line as the New Champion the Brandt Dynasty's Brian Armstrong defends the Championship against the Lost Sullivan Buddy Highway which is sure to be extremely High Impact match up.

The Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championships or on the line as the Freakshows Big Vicious and MEAT get 1 last chance at the Titles as they face off against their bitter rivals the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions Measure 11's Ticking Time Bomb Tommy Celcious and the American Overdose Gregor Petrov this is sure to be the battle to end all.

The Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship is on the line as the Leader of the Freakshow the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion the Wonderful Zack Winters defends the Title against the Former Pacific Northwest Television Champion Jb Moonshine can Jb get the win or will Zack still be the Man to Beat.

The Main Event will be for the Pacific Northwest No Limits Championship as the Pacific Northwest No Limits Champion the Natural Born Outlaws MEAN Mac Trager defends the Championship against the Demon King FUNNYBONE it is sure to be very Extreme match up.

Don't miss any of this Open FITE Nite volume 4 live on the FITE Network Action doors open 5:30pm and the House of Action begins at 6pm at the North Portland's Eagles Lodge 7611 N.Exeter

Poster and Selected Action

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