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Open Fight Night Vol.2
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Following the events of Beware the Ides of March ,The BCW landscape has been completely reshaped. Now Open Fite Nite Vol #2 is set to Blaze yet another hot event Live on the FITE Network Sunday April 22nd, 2018 live from the House of Action ..

Our first contest will be a 3 way dance as the recent return of the Lost Sullivan Buddy Highway takes on not one but two opponents at the same time testing anyones in ring abilities as he faces off against the American Heart Throb the Lover Boy Lance Dean and the Magnetic Jimmy Boy as these 3 battle each other in the Squared Circle but with the Lost Sullivan Buddy Highway having recent wins since his return he is sure to be the favorite to win!

Our second contest is a Good vs Evil or Light vs Dark as J.Baptise return to #BCW to try and concur the Dark one known as Darkness. Be there and see for yourself if Good will prevail or will Darkness rein over the Light !

As the Brandt Dynasty grows and Kevin Brandt says they are bringing Class to #BCW and with the Magnificent Ian Bear joining the Brandt Dynasty they seem to be adding a touch of Class to #BCW. But with recent return of the Franchise Player Badd Blood back from an injury, Badd Blood will surely be teaching Class in this one on one contest !

Our fourth contest is a Last Chance match for the Pacific Northwest Television championship as Jb Moonshine gets one last chance to try and capture the Pacific Northwest Television championship. But to do this he must beat the High Flying Pacific Northwest Television Champion Justex Citing. Can Jb Moonshine take advantage of his Last Chance and pull off the win for the Title or will the High Flying Champion Justex Citing fly his way to victory and retain the Pacific Northwest Television Championship.

Our Semi Main Event has been in the making for months as the Freakshow manages to interfere and cost Measure 11 matches and almost ending Measure 11's friendship and partnership . And after the Cage match between Measure 11 and the Freakshow, Measure 11 has made it clear they are coming for the Freakshow and the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship vowing to not only concur the Freakshow but take home the gold as well . #BCW management has ruled that since the Freakshows Leader the Wonderful Zack Winters like to interfere in matches that he will be Banned from Ringside !

Our Main Event is for the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship. After the Freakshows Leader the Wonderful Zack Winters pulled off a win in a NON TITLE match against the Pacific Northwest
Heavyweight Champion the Natural Born Outlaws Lonestar.
Zack Winters has been granted a title match will Zack pull off another win and become the next Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion or will the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight champion the Natural Born Outlaws Lonestar Super Kick his way to retaining the Championship.

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