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BCW Open Fite Night Vol. 5
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After the previous encounters with the Newly Christened Blue Collar Wrestling FITE World Champion 'The Wonderful" Zack Winters, Both JusteXciting and Jb Moonshine have both been awarded a Championship match for Open Fite Nite Vol.5 in a Wild 3 way Match. Who will come out on top. Will it be the man who threw down the Pacific Northwest Championship And Proclaimed himself the new face of FITE and The newly cemented BCW FITE World Champion or will it be one of the two men who hold victories over him ....Who will prevail?

in the Semi Main Event we have a war that will pit two of the most dominant Factions against each other for the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championships. The Champions The Freakshow are hellbent on complete Dominance of the tag team division, But standing in their way is the Brandt Dynasty's Ian Bear and the 400 pound plus Kodiak... The ring will have to be reinforced for this wild match...

In this featured match we have the current Pacific Northwest TV Campion Brian Armstrong facing The Ever Popular Franchise of BCW Badd Blood. This match will test the skill of the champ as he faces a man who has traveled all over the world and won championship everywhere. Will Mr. Armstrong be able to hold back the challenge of the Franchise and keep a championship Blood has never won or will the Franchise Player fulfill his destiny and win the elusive PNW TV Title for the first time.

Also on this card

Measure 11 member Tommy Celcious faces a man he was long time partners with over a decade ago as he faces Former "Dancing DTown Boy Teammate" Draven Vargas.. Has the years put enough distance between them or will that competitive spark make this match a barn burner .

The prodigal son returns to BCW for One Nite Only As Ares Toretto makes his return and faces yet another returning star Teck Tonik. These two have said they will leave it all out in the ring for this one.

Also a huge Battle Royal Featuring The stars of Blue Collar Wrestling past and present..

Join us live on the FITE Network on Sunday July 29th Open Fite Nite Vol 5 ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Poster and Selected Action

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