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Boom Cups Celebrity Boxing Showdown
Hoopz Alexander vs. Nat D
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Join us for the Boom Cups Celebrity Boxing Showdown to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying on Saturday, November 10th at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. Watch reality TV stars Nat D and Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander battle it out. There will also be eight additional matches.

6. NATALIE DiDONATO (Mob Wives) vs. NICOLE "Hoopz" ALEXANDER (Flavor of Love)
5. Luis Pagan, North Philadelphia, PA vs Tony Fusco, South Philadelphia
4. Tony Ramos, San Antonio, TX vs James Salvey, Delaware County, PA
3. Michael Daivs, NE Phiadephia vs Rose Chuazzi, Buffalo, NY
2. Sara James Antlantic City, NJ vs Maria Pizzo, South Philadelphia, PA
1. Ricky Roma Philadelphia, PA vs Dave Swartz Delaware County, PA

Poster and Selected Action

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