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FQBO Boxe-Quebec, June 2, Session 1, Blue Ring
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 2nd is the first session of Quebec Open live on FITE! Tune in for all the action in the Blue Ring right here! Stay tuned.

1. Aiden Butler vs Xavier Lim Ah-min
2. Ishak Amiour vs Brian Savard
3. Abdulrahman Haqani vs Josh Jablonsky
4. Dylan Taylor vs Joshua Ofori
5a. Andre Plowell vs Dave Rodrique-Lamontagne
5b. Philippe Simon vs Taverio Stewart
6. Kamil Rabia vs Arezki Ounadi
7. Wahab Waqas vs Mouad El Jibari
8. Joseph Semper vs Narhan Garcia
9. Nour-Mohamad Saleh-Rivas vs Bedir Ayesh
10. Fawwaz Ibrahim vs Rodolfo Torres Galvan
11. Logan Lafrance vs Enzo Hernandez
12. Logan Sayers vs Marius Megouo Noboh
13. Mateo Gonzelas vs Ryan Ouferroukh
14. Tymothe Lanctot vs Prince N'Doli
15. Matthieu Konga vs Mikael Morissette
16. Hughes Liam vs Luc Nelson Bien-Aime
17. Cedrick Belony vs Steven Samson
18. Mikael Desrochers vs Hydden Ash
19. Florian Rimbault vs Alexy Anglehart
20. Alassan Diop vs Facson Perrine
21. Claude Loiselle vs Marchy Chery
22. Jean-Michel Pepin vs Kevin Buy
23. w/0 vs Isaac Severe

*subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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