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FQBO Boxe-Québec, June 2, Session 1, Red Ring
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On June 2nd is the first session of Quebec Open live on FITE! Tune in for all the action in the Red Ring right here! Stay tuned

1. Gabriel Aly vs Martin Caron
2. Attila Ahmed vs Treyven Barthelus
3. Adin Bedford vs Jason Jalbert
4. Alexandre Lavoie vs Ethan Baird
5. Fue Vang vs Alex Gagnon
6. w/o vs Shaun Deen
7. Divesh Patel vs Victor Tremblay
8. Mathieu Pelletier vs Antonie Giroux
9a. Maynard Canaya vs Felix Musas
9b. Melvin Esplana vs Omar Gonzalez
10. Emile Larouche vs Blaze Dusabuwera
11. Fred Thomas vs Seth Schreiber
12. Shiva Tilokani vs Mathis Orsini
13. Eddy Kouablan vs w/o
14. Sebastian Brito vs Dante Tice-Oliveira
15. Lllirjan Dhami bs David Prowse
16. Thomas Orsini vs Wakenge Joshua
17. Davij Chaudhry vs Mahmoud Babiker
18. Sayon Karunakaran vs w/o
19. Hendrik Dionne vs Yoan Trottier
20. Jordan Ananiadis vs Lucas St-Martin-Trottier
21. Anthony Dinh vs Faraaz Sheikh
22. Jordi Wanssi vs Fethi Benhadji
23. Antoni Gagnon vs Borna Yazdani
23a. Alessia Mansueto vs Ruqaya Nawaz

Subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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