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Yuri Andrei vs Przemslaw Mysiala
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    Epic Studios 
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    Epic Studios, Norwich, United Kingdom
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Yuri Andrei vs Przemslaw Mysiala - LHW
Julien Bouteix vs Andre Goncalves - LW
Aurelien Raymond vs Konrad Jaskiewicz - FW
Carles Rocher Mas vs Bachir Fakhouri - 70 kg.
Jasmina Zapoczna vs Stevi Levy - 60 kg.


Toby Davies vs Jacub Adamski - HW
Lee Miller vs Jimmy Fell - FW
Costi Macamu vs Sebastian Thrun - 92 kg.
Ridick Palka vs Jack Purdy - 65 kg.


Zulu Abadu vs Scott Osinski - 80 kg.
Sean Watson vs Piotr Panczak - 77 kg.
Harrison Hartley vs Kian Penn - 60 kg.
Daniel Higgs vs Jo Lincoln - 78 Kg.
Luke Grainger vs Carlos Fernandez - 55 kg.

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