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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 2
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Coming from Tokyo, Japan, The Smallest Wrestling Company in The World' Presents to you The Gatoh Move Experience!

There's No Ring, No Ropes and No boundaries between the fans and the Wrestlers.
It's a wrestling Experience that you haven't yet, please watch and Enjoy!

First Match
Baliyan Akki vs Cheery vs Owashi Touru
Owashi is back in Gatoh Move for the first and last time in 2018, it's a 3way match set for 10 mins 1 fall.

Second Match
Masa Takanashi vs Choun Shuryu
It is a battle for ages, they are both veterans with over 15 years in the business, and have been wrestling each other on 31 December for 10 years now! This will be their 1st time per year, 10 mins one fall match.

Main Event
Mei Suruga, Konno Mitsuru & Yuna ‘Yunamon' Mizumori vs Sayaka Obihiro, Emi Sakura & RIHO
This is also a yearly traditional 6 women match, every year On December 31, a 6 Women Tag match is held with all the members of Gatoh Move. Last year due to Obihiro's injury it couldn't happen but this year, with the New Gatoh Move vs Old Gatoh Move, It's happening with the future on the line.

After it all, we'll still enjoy a nice and warm tea, lets get those tea cups and smiles ready
everyone. Please Enjoy!

Poster and Selected Action

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