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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 3
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Coming from Tokyo, Japan, The Smallest Wrestling Company in The World' Presents to you The Gatoh Move Experience

There's No Ring, No Ropes and No boundaries between the fans and the Wrestlers, It's a wrestling Experience that you haven't had yet, please watch & Enjoy!

The First Match
Anchum vs Yuna ‘Yunamon' Mizumori
It's a match between two rookies, Anchum who's a Gravure Idol and Yunamoin who's a Singing Idol goes againt each other with their specialties.

2 nd Match
Baliyan Akki & Saki "Curly Crazies" vs Mei Suruga & Antonio Honda "Apple and Honey"
This is a match between two established team with very different style and very different specialties. Curly Crazies specializes in Power and Movement, Apple and Honey on the other hand specializes in Cuteness and Slyness. This is a interesting encounter in a Gatoh Move Fashion.

Main Event
Masa Takanashi & Emi Sakura "Hyakkin Thunders" vs Mitsuru Konno & RIHO
With the most established team in Gatoh Move in Hyakkin Thunders vs the back bone of Gatoh Move Mitsuru and The Ace RIHO, it is a match worthy of The main Event of Janury 1 st .

Depending on the outcome of this match the Power balance in Gatoh Move will shift grately or Stay the same. This is one to watch for the future of Gatoh Move.

Poster and Selected Action

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