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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 4
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Coming from Tokyo, Japan - The Smallest Wrestling Company in The World presents to you The Gatoh Move Experience!

There's No Ring, No Ropes and No boundaries between the fans and the Wrestlers,
It's a wrestling Experience that you haven't had yet, please watch & Enjoy.

The First Match

Baliyan Akki Vs Mitsuru Konno

Friends fight the hardest is often said and, in this match, it is very true, watch Mitsuru bring the fight to Akki. It's a hot one.

2nd Match

Antonio Honda Vs Obihiro Sayaka Vs Jaki Numazaka
( Monoboke death Match )

1. If you pin your opponent for a 2 count, you get the right do a Skit, joke or performance.
2. it is than judged by the referee if it's funny or not, if it's funny you get a point.
3. once the set time is up, the wrestler with the most point is declared the winner.
That's all I can do to explain this match to you all, please watch and have the Experience like none before.
PS. You see Antonio Honda at his best here.

Main Event

Masa Takanashi & Emi Sakura & Yuna ‘Yunamon' Mizumori Vs Makoto & Mei Suruga & RIHO

It is a Classic Gatoh Move Style 6 Man Tag Match, with too little space and too much action, the boundaries of what's possible in the confined space of a mat surrounded by packed fans, is stretched as far as possible.

Poster and Selected Action

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