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GCW Fight Club
Countdown Show
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"The King"


Are you ready for GCW Fight Club this Saturday, October 9th?
If not - tomorrow, October 5th at 6pm is the right time!
If you are, get deep into GCW Fight Club!

It's time to start the Countdown!
Your favourite wrestling stars such as Nick Gage, Jon Moxley, Joey Janela are here to tell us all about Mox vs Gage death match for the GCW World Title.

Don't miss and the special appearance of Mick Foley!

What is going to happen at GCW Fight Club main event? What can you expect? What are the Mike Johnson's thoughts on this?

Tune in on October 5th at 6pm ET, watch the Countdown Show and find out!

Poster and Selected Action

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