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Matt Striker interviews Eddie Edwards on Slammiversary 2020


IMPACT Wrestling: Slammiversary 2020 July 18th live on FITE. To talk about the event Matt Striker is here with Eddie Edwards. Don't miss what Eddie had to say and much more!

Matt Striker: Many feel that it's the most important night in Impact's history. Can you speak to that?

Eddie Edwards: Yeah, I mean, every year Slammiversary it's a big event for Impact but with the landscape of Impact right now, we have a mystery opponent in the main event, with me, we have people coming back, people have left. It's almost like a reboot, a restart of Impact seasonal. This year you don't know what to expect that makes it even better.

Matt Striker: Let's talk about it now because this main event has changed quite a bit. What we do know is it's too high flying guys, young upstarts Ace Austin and Trey. And I gotta tell you Trey is maybe one of the best pound for pound fighters I've seen. Your style has changed over your nearly two decades career. How do you account for the styles of Ace and Trey?
Eddie Edwards: Me and Ace, We have our history, you know. He got involved with my wife and, we did the whole thing and I got to beat him up a few times.. I feel I know what he brings to the table, obviously more than I do Trey. I have been watching Trey for a few years now, and you know, this year really seems to be his coming output. I know he can do some amazing stuff. All I can do is sit there, encounter, and do what I can to capitalize. I'm going to do whatever I need to do to win.

Matt Striker: A lot of the wrestling experts are saying that all of the eyes of the wrestling world are gonna be on this event again July 18th 8 p.m. I know the Eddie Edwards that started back, maybe around O2 and then I remember a lot of stuff in Japan. The style has changed. Then you have these huge with Davey Richards and the Tommy Dreamer. Are we going to see the glimpses of what was one of the best technical wrestlers that I saw? You have wins over guys like Kenta and Nakajima. Anyone that sleeping on your ability on the mat is making a huge mistake. What if you have to call on that early experience?

Eddie Edwards: The thing with me that very comfortable with what I've become because I know what I can do and what I've been doing lately, the brawling and hardcore stuff that I've had to do in certain situations. But I know that at any point I can bring anything out of my back pocket. It's the things that I know, the stuff that I've done in the past that people might not be ready for it, might not be prepared to see or prepared to deal with in the ring. I'm very comfortable with where I'm right now.

Matt Striker: Now let's talk about something a little uncomfortable because not knowing who that fourth opponent is going to be, do you allow that to impact no pun intended your strategy. And also, do you kind of have a thought of who that opponent might be?

Eddie Edwards: The thing with mystery opponents, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out and figure out that there's been little inklings and hints here and there and go on Twitter and see if people have been talking. But, you know, for me, I'm prepared for anything. I roll with the punches in life and in the ring!

Matt Striker: Let's talk about some of these other matches that the rest of the world is going to see on July 18th. Let's start with the knockouts. Start with Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo. Your thoughts?

Eddie Edwards: Jordynne, she's somebody who is coming to her own as well, you know, obviously being knockouts champ. She has a target on her back, and Dana's coming in. She's trying to make a name for herself. It's tough to come into a new company and be thrown right over the top position, which she's aiming for the top position. So we're going to see what they're going to be able to do. Jordynne, whose unbelievably powerful obviously and Deonna has her technique, technical expertise it's gonna be interesting to see the battle.

Matt Striker: In addition to that the other match The North vs the unlikely team of Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Any insights? So what's the locker room say about this match?

Eddie Edwards: Obviously the North they just celebrated their year long reign as champions, which, you know, that's unbelievable thing to happen especially in these days of wrestling, a year straight of being champions, that's quite the accomplishment. But you're looking the other side you have Shamrock who is the world's most dangerous man in my book. And Tag Team with Sammy it's interesting how the things will go.

Matt Striker: Eddie where the fans can find you on social media?

Eddie Edwards: at Twitter: @TheEddieEdwards

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