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Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) 12
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Hard Fighting Championship 12 features yet another explosive MMA fights in the Casino.

Mohamed KADIAKE vs Mathieu GRECO - 66kg
Christophe FABIEN vs Arnaud ZANGA - 77kg
Karim S'HIRI vs Florian HOFFNER - 90
Thibault ROPP vs Arsen HOVHANYSYAN -70kg
Anthony SALANOWSKI vs Brice PICAUD - 66
Clément GABRI vs Maxence SENATORE - 66kg
François BALL vs Ramzi SALIMI - 84kg en K1
Steven BLOT vs Pierre LUDET - 57kg
Mickael BUCHER vs Rayan LAZRI - 77kg
Sylvain SOMMEREISEN vs Maximilien VALOT - 61kg
Kendra WILCZYNSKI vs Sarah PETZOLD - combat féminin HW
Mickael BELAID VS Mathieu MORCIANO, pour le titre des Bantamweight

The HFC is an MMA organization which was created in April 2010 by Aziz RAGUIG and Jean Michel FOISSARD.

Poster and Selected Action

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