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Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) 9
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Don't miss Hard Fighting Championship - HFC 9 on FITE!
MMA fighters from Switzerland, German and France!
Fight Card:
Jonathan Bosuku 4-4-0 Fr vs. Julien da Silva Fr 4-2-0
Christopher Sengele 4-4-0 Be vs. Fouad Mesdari Fr
Umit Gorgulu 0-0-1 vs. Omar Camara Sn
Sofian Boucherf 4-4-1 Fr vs. Maxim Giakalon Fr
Dylan Morel 0-1-0 Fr vs. Alvin Lowenski Fr
Maximillien Vallot 1-1-0 Fr vs. Selman Khadjiev Ch
Olivier Karp 2-0-0 Fr vs. Edipo Fernandez Fr 4-1-0
Thibault Ropp 0-1-0 Fr vs. John Ofken 1-0-1
Mathieu Morciano 3-3-0 Fr vs. Edson Silva Br 1-0-0
Abdourahmane Seye 5-4-0 Fr vs. Benjamin Andrieux Fr 0-0-0
Adel Ghaddou 3-6-0 Fr vs. Florian Hoffner Fr
Tony Moreno Us vs. Michael Aljarouj Fr

Poster and Selected Action

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