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Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Replay starts on Feb 18 5:30 PM CST


This event is one of a kind! 100% MMA! For the first time, a Franco-Russian meeting. 15 fights between very high-level opponents.

David Kart vs. Akim Chayem 170 lbs
Arnaud Zanga vs. Florian Hoffner 185 lbs
Jerome Schwartz vs. Yoan Foucault 154 lbs
Ramzi Salimi vs. Jerome Leclerc 205 lbs
Quinten DeVreught vs. Jack Nicolas 170 lbs
Mickael Bucher vs. Simon Clerice 170 lbs
Ulemas Irmzak vs. Pascal Becka 146 lbs
Antony Revereault vs. Vianney Malezieux 146 lbs
Quentin Domergue vs. Gerard Hergott 154 lbs
Mathieu Morciano vs. Artem Trunev 143 lbs
Maria Bals vs. Maria Casanova 134 lbs
Artur Pronin vs. I. Catalin Gheorghe 170 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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