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Kunlun Fight World Championship 83
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Don't miss Kunlun Fight World Championship, September 14th live on FITE!

80kg Rookie Fight: Komsan Hanchana (THA) VS Wang Aogang (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Reserve Fight: Niclas Ricky Larsen (DNK) VS Liu Hainan (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 1: Dzianis Zuev (BLR) VS Zhu Baotong (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 2: Artem Pashporin (RUS) VS Song Shaoqiu (CHN)
67kg MMA Super Fight: Jair Roberto (BRA) VS Yan Xibo (CHN)
60kg Super Fight: Swasing (THA) VS Zhang Ye (CHN)
77kg MMA Super Fight: Mohmmad Naeemi (IRN) VS Zhang Lipeng (CHN)
67kg Super Fight: Izzeddin Nafez (JOR) VS Wei Ninghui (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Seyedisa Alamdarnezam (IRN) VS Feng Xingli (CHN)

Poster and Selected Action

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