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Kunlun Fight 76 Zhangqiu
Unfinished Business
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Kunlun Fight 76 goes down on September 9th with the much-anticipated Superbon Banchamek vs. Nayanesh Ayman fight from the Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament go down. Superbon was forced to pull out of KLF 75 and, instead, Nayanesh fought in a super fight to keep himself warmed up. This time we'll finally get to see what the final 8 of their huge 70kg tournament looks like after this fight is through.
In addition, Kunlun will be holding the KLF 60kg Mulan Legend tournament quarterfinals featuring Anissa Haddoui vs. Shi Lijang, Vinnikova Svetlana vs. Zhu Mengjia, Block Nili vs. Li Mingrui and Niamh Kinehan vs. Wang Cong.

2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 1: Anissa Haddaoui vs. Shi Lijiang
2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 2: Vinnikova Svetlana vs. Zhu Mengjia
2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 3: Block Nili vs. Li Mingrui
2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 4: Niamh Kinehan vs. Wang Cong
66KG Super Fight: Keijiro Miyakoshi vs. Sun Zhixiang
88KG Super Fight: Daniel Stefanovski vs.Yangyu
66KG MMA Super Fight: TBD vs.Yan Xibo
2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8 Final 8: Nayanesh Ayman vs. Superbon Banchamek
62KG Super Fight: Fang Feida vs. Lin Qiangbang
66KG Super Fight: Jordan Kranio vs. Wei Ninghui
77KG MMA Super Fight:James Chaney vs.Zhang Lipeng

Poster and Selected Action

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