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Kunlun Fight World Championship 84
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Don't miss Kunlun Fight World Championship, September 15th live on FITE!

52.5kg Super Fight: Zeng Xiaoting (CHN) VS Jiang Yalan (CHN)
60kg Super Fight: Yang Hua (CHN) VS Xiatekeale Wumanerale (CHN)
63kg Super Fight: Jiduoyibu (CHN) VS Davission Paixao (BRA)
65kg Super Fight: Liu Jiawei (CHN) VS Zhuang Weixin (CHN)
70kg Super Fight: Liang Yuanhao (CHN) VS Wang Baoduo (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Chen Zijun (CHN) VS Mojtaba Davoudi (IRN)
70kg Super Fight: Jiao Zhou (CHN) VS Luo Chao (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Panom Topkingboxing (THA) VS Ni Jun (CHN)
66kg Super Fight: Ahmad (IRN) VS Sun Zhixiang (CHN)
75kg MMA Super Fight: Nayanesh Ayman (COD) VS Zhang Yang (CHN)

Poster and Selected Action

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