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Kunlun Fight 74
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


15. World Championship Final (61.5kg) - Winner A vs Winner B
14. Auriele Froment vs Wang Kehan (63kg)
13. Danil Vinnik vs. Wang Yuhu (76kg)
12. World Championship Semifinal B (61.5kg)
11. World Championship Semifinal A (61.5kg)
10. Artur Gorlov vs. Asihati (open-weight)
9. Timur Aylyarov vs. Artur Kyshenko (85kg)
8. Albert Kraus vs. Li Zhuangzhuang (72kg)
7. Fernando Nonato vs. Zheng Zhaoyu (76kg)
6. Jente Nnamadim vs. Bo Fufan (80kg)
5. Cristian Spectu vs. Wang Wenfeng (61.5kg tournament)
4. Daniel puertas Gallardo vs. Jiao Daobo (61.5kg tournament)
3. Seksan Somai vs. Zhao Chongyang (61.5kg tournament)
2. Taiga vs. Lin Qiangbang (61.5kg tournament)
1. Jiang Feng vs Zhang Jinhu (61.5kg)

Poster and Selected Action

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