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Ring of Fire 8
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


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11. James Chereji vs Cosmas Cheka Boniphace
10. Dominik Santl vs Daniel Dorrer
9. Granit Shala vs Dorde Tomic
8. Rlorian Sulejamani vs Jordan Valdinocci
7. Markus Fischer vs Nick Jooss
6. Arton Berisha vs Miroslav Cembic
5. Mahdi Amiri vs Lorenz Mehr
4. Xenia Jorneac vs Amra Okugic
3. Rustam Shamilov vs Aleksandar Tojic
2. Slexander Stanowkin vs tba
1. Georg Kharchenko vs Kenan Candemir

Poster and Selected Action

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