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MLW Fusion #170
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
"La Wera Loca"
"The Samoan Werewolf"


Big fights from the Big Apple, including a big main event featuring John Hennigan vs Jacob Fatu for the National Openweight Championship.

After being put on the injured list for the first time ever Jacob Fatu is back and ready to get his promised crack at the National title.

Is Fatu at 100%? Will the "Shaman of Sports Entertainment" John Hennigan exploit Fatu's injuries? And what about the Calling? A massive National Openweight title fight headlines Fusion.

Alex Kane drops the mic on Hammerstone and MLW while the Bomaye Fight Club's shadowy backer makes moves behind the scenes leading into July 8th's Never Say Never on FITE+.

The night kicks off with a World Tag Team Championship triple threat! The Samoan SWAT Team's Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa'i look to set the tone for the evening. Can Mane Event or the FBI shake-up a big night for the family?

The year plus reign of terror is over as Taya Valkyrie was defeated by Delmi Exo. Now find out who will challenge the "God Queen's" for her title at Never Say Never!

Dethroned and devastated, MLW.com cameras get the scoop on Taya Valkyrie. What's next for the former World Featherweight Champion?

Who is entering this year's Opera Cup? Find out as the first competitor in the 2023 Opera Cup tournament is revealed.

3 feet of fighting fury rumbles with the ferocious super heavyweight Beastman! Can Microman topple a near 400-pound monster or will he be dinner for Kimchee's newest find?

John Hennigan and Sam Adonis are facing serious sanctions by MLW for hanging Mance Warner last week. How hard will the league come down?

Meanwhile, how is Ol Mancer doing 7 days later?

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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