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Ohio Valley Wrestling #1138
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This week OVW TV is absolutely stacked from top to bottom! If you miss this night of OVW action, you're going to regret it!

The "Country Boy Brewing" Kentucky Heavyweight Title Tournament rolls on this week with entrants including Reverend Ronnie Roberts, Brandon and Brent Tate, Tom Coffey and more! This week the tournament will also feature Big Trouble Ben Bishop with Barstool Sports personality and host of RASSSLIN' Brandon Walker facing off against OVW's resident super heavyweight Dimes with MTV's The Challenge star Eric Banks in his corner!

Beyond the tournament, we have some incredible OVW Women's action lined up. First off, two newcomers in Dani Mo and Dreamgirl Ellie face off and both are determined to get OVW management's attention. Then we'll see Arie Alexander, fresh off her title shot, competing against Harley Fairfax. Will Arie have something to prove or will Fairfax prove the title shot should have been hers?

Our main event will be BRUTAL! Omar Amir must run the gauntlet and face every member of the Legacy of Brutality in order to secure his championship rematch against CashFlo June 26th at OVW:Chained Carnage. If Omar wins he not only gets another shot to reclaim his lost OVW Heavyweight Championship, but he also gets to pick the stipulation. One question is what that stipulation will be, the other more pressing question is...can Omar survive long enough to pick a stipulation?

Poster and Selected Action

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