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OVW Live #1184
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OVW is on the way toward Derby City Destruction but there's some carnage to wreak on the way! Ryan Howe will defend his championship against Matt Vine after The Goodfella scored an upset victory over the champion last week. We'll also see OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Champion Omar Amir take on the LOB's mastodon in Big Zo in a non-title contest!

This week also see's Mr. PECtacular and his uneasy alliance with Tony Gunn continue when they face Garrisaon Creed and Reverend Ronnie Roberts. In Women's Division action, former champion Freya the Slaya goes one on one with Michelle Green and Hayley Shadows face off with Shawna Reed!

Dimes is looking for some revenge on Dark Kloudz when he takes on Eric Darkstorm in singles competition. Also, Tony Bizo is looking to break his losing streak when he faces Jared Kripke before an in-ring interview. Bryan Kennison will sitdown with the entire "Royal Family" of Bizo, Haley J and Ricky Jones and get their thoughts on the current situation with OVW National Heavyweight Champion Mahabali Shera!

All that and so much more this week on OVW!

*lineup subject to change

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