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OVW Live #1237
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OVW is rocketing through April on the way to All Systems Go on May 25th and this week the thrusters are on!

Kicking off the Kentucky Championship tournament, Tony Evans will face Eric Darkstorm in a first round qualifying matchup!

"The Attraction" EC3 will be in action this week! Do he and The Faction have something up their sleeves?

Blanco Loco laid out a "Career vs Championship" challenge against Luke Kurtis last week. While he waits on the "Certified" response, Loco goes one on one with the high-flying Nikeem! We'll also see Luke Kurtis in action against a man he knows very well...Hyzaya!

OVW's Women's Division is the best its ever been...and this week we have the best of the best in tag team action. Hollyhood Haley J will team with Tiffany Nieves to take on Leila Grey and Shawna Reed!

Shalonce Royal and PJ Jones have spent weeks taunting Dream Girl Ellie, even had her arrested. This week Ellie returns and you have to think she's looking for vengeance!

Star Rider is set for action against Manny Doingo!

The OVW Tag Team Champions The Outrunners are trying something new this week. It's the first ever Outrunners Retro Lounge with special guest Crixus!

In a huge 6-man tag team main event, Tony Gunn, Kal Herro and Cashflo goes toe to toe with evil when they face The Dark Reverend, ZDP and Dmone Solavino!

All that and more this week on OVW!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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