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Montreal Fight League 12
Mike Meade vs Martin Trempe
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card:

Mike Meade vs Katuma Mulumba - HW Title fight
Amear Bani vs Camillo Avellan
Alex Bouchard vs Philip Holzgang – K1 fight
Rob Burk vs Jamesky Bastien
Brad Alton vs Liam Gallagher
Ande Valentine vs Jeff Fuchs
Ali Mehdinia vs Luke Hogg
Blake Loxton vs Vince Guenette
Mark Alan Leblanc vs Marc-Antoine Thibodeau – K1 Title Fight
Chris Martin vs Dylan Lessine – Muay Thai Title Fight
Abdel Rebal vs Desmond Johnson
Zach Baldwin vs Amadou Diop
James Patry vs Kelvin Krause
Brandon Gilmour vs Anderson Dessources
Joel Luc Brazeau vs Alexandre Noiseaux

Poster and Selected Action

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